Switzerland warns Muslim migrants and refugees “Adapt or go home!”

Switzerland denies the citizenship of Muslim migrants and refugees who refuse to adopt Western values…
The Swiss city of Lausanne has blocked a Muslim couple’s bid to become Swiss nationals over their refusal to shake hands with members of the opposite sex.
The municipality said it refused to grant the couple’s citizenship application over their lack of respect for gender equality, Lausanne mayor Gregoire Junod said.
Under the new policy immigrants, who practice strict Sharia laws, can not become Swiss citizens.
According to the Sharia laws:

Employees at a Kroger grocery store near Charleston alerted St. Albans Police to a woman who had gone into the restroom and hadn’t come out in some time. With it being the early morning hours on Monday, the store wasn’t as busy as other times of the day.

Nobody had tried to use the restroom since the woman, who wasn’t alone, went in and hadn’t come out. Kroger employees didn’t even dare go in there, so they called police when the noise started coming out of the bathroom and the sounds didn’t stop.

Seargent Phillip Bass was first to arrive on the scene and was met with workers at the store entrance. He is used to encountering strange things in the line of duty, but he was completely shocked when he found a crazy scene in the women’s bathroom of a Kroger store.


Now, with nobody to watch after the baby and Child Protective Services not being readily available, Seargent Phillip Bass stepped up to the plate to take care of this child as one of his own. He left the restroom with the baby cradled in his arms.

CPS couldn’t take the child until later the next day, so Seargent Bass stayed up all night comforting, rocking, and feeding this abandoned little girl, who had lived a hard first year of her life. With the help of other caring cops at the department, the team all pitched in to buy the baby what she needed, including a few toys, diapers, and food.

What Seargent Bass and the other cops at the St. Albans Police Department did for that child, in one night, was probably more than this little girl has ever received in her whole 14-months of living. Her mother didn’t care enough for her to put her child’s needs before her crimes, and then she tossed her off into the care of a drugged out degenerate. Officer Bass saw her needs as a father and a cop, and he did what needed to be done and then some.


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